Zenza Life Sciences™ has earned its merits across Japan, and now America, through tens of thousands of life-changing testimonials. Our product effectiveness is due to using only the purest, high level ingredients, not to mention our unsurpassed ION5 mineral blend. Now, we are excited to introduce the product we have all been anticipating –Nectura™!
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Introducing Nectura - the most advanced proprietary formula from Japan for anti-aging wellness! Nectura is beyond juice! It is the first multi-functional food supplement of its kind ever created!

This unique 8:1 super concentrated formula delivers a pure, natural delicious blend of:

23 Antioxidant Phytonutrient Concentrates!

11 Antioxidant Botanical Extracts!

13 Antioxidant Energy Extracts!

That equals 47 of the most powerful Phytonutrient and Antioxidant Extracts ...

Supercharged with 72 Ionic Minerals and the power of Organic Germanium GE-132, scientifically proven to be the most natural and effective anti-viral and immune boosting discovery in the world. A total of 120 health-enhancing ingredients! Nectura is the most powerful, effective and perfectly balanced antioxidant formula ever created - PERIOD!


Naturally Delicious! Nectura has passed the ultimate taste test on the most discriminating taste buds - KIDS! Everyone loves it! You can drink it as a concentrate, mix it with water, as a healthy alternative put it on ice cream, pancakes or salad - the possibilites are endless! Nectura makes it simple and fun for everyone to incorporate into their daily lifestyle! "

Nectura - Ranked one of the Top 10 Product Trends in Japan & soon the world!"

QUALITY ASSURANCE Zenza Manufacturing Facilities are NSF Certified and GMP certified by the NNFA (United States National Nutritional Food Association). Their quality control staff thoroughly tests all raw materials, blends and liquids for precise compliance along with an in-process high quality assurance program that is continually monitored by a specialized audit team. Zenza has a never-ending commitment to top quality. We deliver only the purest, most effective and results-producting formulas at affordable prices to ensure utmost satisfaction everytime.

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