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Our purpose is to pursue our passion and provide great service.

We have been in the beauty industry for about 15 years and have realize that our customers have lots of selections on beauty products and at times are confused about the variety and effectiveness of the products offered in the industry. We created www.shop.loveskincare.com website to offered the clarity on absolute best selection of brands and effectiveness, of beauty products.

Feedback. Learn. Experiment. Loop

Through education, experience, and expertise we uphold the highest standards of safety to create a positive experience for your enhancement process.

We use the feedback, learn, and experiment loop process in our daily operations to always provide continuous improvements and provide best customer service.

Love Skin Care and Lashes is located in the Bixby Medical Arts Center in Long Beach, CA

911 E. San Antonio Dr. #8
Long Beach, CA 90807

"Thank you to our clients for being so wonderful."

Lien Le